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Top 8 Commerce Related Courses After 12th

Top 8 Commerce Related Courses After 12th

Top 8 Commerce Related Courses After 12th

More than a large number of understudies showed up for twelfth trade test each year crosswise over India. When you finished your class twelfth test with business its time to take next step for your future. So what have you decided? Still confused which commerce related courses after 12th to choose? Whatever decision you take today will reap fruits for you tomorrow. In this article we will discuss about some top courses which you can do after completing your class 12th commerce. According to current industry, these courses are very trendy and they will help you to gain important skills which is important to secure the future.
Many students select some traditional course which may provide the graduation degree but not the skills which is required to survive today. The commerce related courses after 12th which we are going to describe here are top rated and they are offered by many institute as summer internship or winter internship course. So student who want to continue their traditional education and also want to earn extra skills can do these courses during their vacation time. Apart from enhancing your skills , these courses will give best return in future like growth, demand, scope and more.
In order to fulfill all your dream, you also need to earn a good amount of money. But because of stiff competition, it is not easy to get job specially after 12th, for that you must have some extra skill that attract recruiters. These commerce related courses after 12th will provide you that much needed skills which help you to bag a job with good salary.
If you have also passed 12th commerce recently , following list of courses will be useful for you. So, lease go through full list and select a course which suits you.

After 12th commerce, if you are searching for some out of box career then digital marketing is the best option. It is really a booming field and today almost every business depends on digital marketing than traditional one. There are many institution who provide this course under summer or winter training so it can be done during vacation too. During the course student will learn about basic and advanced techniques of digital marketing which is required to excel any online business. Today our industry lack of professional digital marketer, so once you complete this course, companies start approaching you or you can also start your own business.

2.) Website Designing Course

It is also among the best commerce related courses after 12th. In short, web designing deal with creating, designing and maintaining website. Today there are many institute in India that offer this course as internship program so students who have passed out 12th commerce can easily do it while pursuing their regular study. During the course you will learn about how to create a website that look attracting, fulfill client demand and gives high performance. Every organization or business need a website that help them to reach more audience. So once you become professional website designer you will get lots of job opportunities.

3.) SEO Search Engine Optimization Training

Today, it is one of the most trendy course which is basically related to digital marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about optimizing a website so that they rank better in the results of search engine like Google. It is also a good commerce related courses after 12th which also has good job opportunities. Almost every business today has a website but they don’t get expected visitor because the website can’t make place in top page of search results. This course will teach you about every important aspects of SEO and strategies through which you can make a website appear in top of search result.

4.) Woo-Commerce Training Course

It is another commerce related courses after 12th which is beneficial for students from career point of view. Withe the rise of e-commerce sites, demand of Woo-Commerce has also increased. Today most of the sites are created on WordPress and this course will also teach you how to make a high performance WordPress website, how to utilize Woo-Commerce plug-in, add product and optimize sales and more. During this training course you will learn about how to create such a e-commerce website which is in complete control of both online buyers and owners. Woo-Commerce professional lack in this industry so the course can get you a reputable job.

5.) Internet of Things (IoT) Training

If you have also completed 12th commerce and searching for a course which opens scope then it is the best course for you. Because of the high demand, we have listed Internet of Things (IOT) in our top commerce related courses after 12th. During the course student will learn about Internet of Things which is a network of devices, objects that has been integrated into technology of modern software, electronics, sensor and more which network connectivity, this allow them to collect as well as exchange data. Many organization today are looking for expert who well know how to manage Internet of Things (IoT) devices and keep them secure from external threat.

6.) Android Application Training Course

Almost everyone own a android smartphone today and this course is all about developing android application. It is one of the best commerce related courses after 12th that allow students to start earning quickly. After completing the course you will gain android coding skills which is necessary to create a application for android platform. During the course you will also learn about how to expand user experience, improve performance of app and add custom features into it such as animation, custom views and more. Because of the increasing demand of Android apps, job opportunities for android developers are also growing at steady rate.


7.) PLC SCADA Training Course

This course is also beneficial for those students who have recently cleared their 12th commerce exam and want to learn something different. PLC SCADA is counted as top commerce related courses after 12th because of their demand in current industry. During the training, student will learn about PLC which is used to manage electromagnetic process and SCADA which is a control system architecture that also uses peripheral device like PLC. After completing the course you will get deep knowledge of PLC SCADA which opens lots of option for you such as system integrator, you can join any automation or manufacturing company with a good salary.

8.) Networking Training Course

Networking Training is also a good option for student of 12th commerce because there is a strong demand for the network engineer. It is among those commerce related courses after 12th which work as a launching pad for students career. During the course aspirants will get deep knowledge of networking which include Networking Design, Network Software, Network Hardware, Networking Services and more. As mentioned, there is huge demand of networking professional but the industry lack such professional. After completing the course you will become that professional which opens job outlook and opportunities for you with great salary.
Students have lots of opportunities on completion any commerce related courses after 12th mentioned above. So rather than being confused and disappointed, discuss with your parents and select a course to take a strong step toward the future.

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